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[comments-wgb] .web WILL replace the dying .com's...it's a fact...get over it..

I am going to make this short...I thought this forum was about discussing what WG-B is proposing.....Instead we have dialogue that is neither helpful or related to the subject at hand...which is supposed to be about The "Sunrise Proposal" ( http://www.icann.com/dnso/wgb-report-17apr00.htm )
It appears that maybe the Sunrise Proposal is dead???.....I haven't seen a lot of  "I'm for it votes" lately....I could have had something to do with that... ( http://www.dnso.org/dnso/dnsocomments/comments-wgb/Arc00/msg00024.html ) which I take no pleasure in as I do believe we need to come up with protection for TM holders (my answer to the problem: ( http://www.dnso.org/dnso/dnsocomments/comments-wipo/Arc01/msg00012.html ), however you cannot give recommendations if your panel is lobsided..(in my point of view).
I'll will finish with this....This comment is directed to the whomever is running this forum:....You shouldn't be able to write into this forum and make inflammatory and possibly (slanderous) statements about IOD....I suggest that you refrain from allowing this as even on the public forum they have rules which clearly state any statements need to be about a relevant subject....In this case IOD is not the subject, nor is dot web (which creates an unfair, anti-business environment which is what WG-B is supposed to be working on)....I realize the negative impact this could have on another company that clearly does not want to see IOD or the .web name flourish, but DO NOT invalidate myself and people from 75 countries around the world who believe in what .web represents...freedom from the dot com name......That is all...Let's get back to the subject at hand....by the way...no one has formally answered to my above email.....
Greg Krajewski (private Citizen and proud .web name holder)
Belle Fourche, SD (USA)