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[comments-wgb] The Realistic .Web

To Whom It May Concern:
1.  Trademark laws are already in place.  To provide a sunrise for trademarks is defeating the purpose of the world wide web.  Anyone who infringes on a Famous Trademark knows the possible consequence of their actions and can be taken to court.  Those laws are already law.  A Sunrise section will not set well with the world's internet population.  Emphasis on the word World. 
2.  Whoever is objecting to the .web gTLD on the grounds of ownership by IOD is not looking at things in perspective.  Take the trademark of coca cola....for example...Millions of places sell coke...but, Coca Cola retains the trademark rights.  IOD owns the trademark of .web and was given permission to bring it on line in 1996 AND to keep the Registry open all that time.  If other Registries are given the legal framework to register .web names, IOD can still retain trademark and it's data base as it stands now. 
All of this talk wanting IOD to give up it's data base and start over is ridiculous.  Just deal with the fact that IOD has been operating within the appropriate walls of what is now called ICANN....and, Name.space is honoring the IOD database...they both are very Professional, Upfront and well within their appropriate guidelines.
I would have liked to of purchased a few web addresses from both the .com and .web gTLDs that others obtained.  But, I am not crying over spilt milk.  Instead, I did the Research and obtained the various names which would be applicable to our business.  There were some I would have liked to have had...could not,..they were already taken...so,..being an ADULT...we obtained what we could which is applicable to our business format.
T. P.