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[comments-wgb] Sunrise Plus Twenty Proposal

My name is Brinton M. Scott.  I am a senior associate at Denton Wilde
Sapte in Beijing, China, a London based law firm with offices throughout
Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  I specialize in intellectual
property issues in the People's Republic of China for a number of
multinational corporations with broad interests here.  I serve on the
Special Internet Committee for the International Trademark Association
and the DNS Subcommittee which works on domain name related issues.
I have read the Sunrise Plus Twenty proposal recently posted on the WG B
list serve and I support position.  I hope that the Names Counsel will
recommend this compromise position to the ICANN Board for action at its
next Board meeting in Japan.

Kindest regards,

> Brinton M. Scott, Attorney
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As of February 1, 2000, Denton Hall has officially merged with another
London-based international law firm, Wilde Sapte.  The new firm, Denton
Wilde Sapte, has over 800 lawyers in 16 offices in the UK, Asia, the
Middle East and continental Europe.  The Beijing office will continue to
use the name Denton Hall until the Ministry of Justice of the People's
Republic of China approves our use of the new name.

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