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[comments-gtlds] forwarded for Jason Hendeles

>It is really important that my name and company show it's support for
>Position Paper B on New gTLDs "New gTLDs: Competition, Innovation, and
>Cultural Diversity".  Could you make sure that my name is added to the list
>of direct supporters.  As one of the first competitive suppliers of registry
>services and an active participant in this process for over 2 years now, A
>Technology Company looks forward to the possibilities offered by this paper
>and I want my efforts and support to be publicly known, both on the dnso.com
>website and in any related web-sites.  I really appreciate any assistance
>you could offer in this matter.
>Jason Hendeles
>A Technology Company, Inc.
>Identify Yourself
>Jason Hendeles
>A Technology Company, Inc.
>23 McKayfield Road
>Toronto   Ontario
>Canada    M4J 4P6
>T: 1 416 485 3888
>F: 1 416 485 6195
>E:   jason@iy.com