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[comments-gtlds] New gTLDs

If new gTLDs are added, a random or lottery-type assignment of registrars 
would not be the right implementation, in all cases.  Consider Image Online 
Design, who has run the .web site for several years.  In light of their 
charter, I believe they deserve to be granted the business they've 
developed.  From their web page...

"Image Online Design, Inc. is, and has been prepared for over four years to 
have its .WEB™ registry added to the Internet's root servers, since being 
given permission by the Internet Assigned Numbering Authority (IANA) to 
bring the .WEB™ registry online in 1996. IANA has never contested this 
permission. As a result, Image Online      Design, Inc. is confident that 
its .WEB™ registry will be among the first new Top Level Domains added to 
the Internet's root name servers as competition is introduced."

Bob Stoddard
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