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[comments-gtlds] New proposal

Hello all,

I would like to propose the idea of new gTLDs being com.1, com.2,
com.3....com.99999, net.1,net.2 to net.999999 and org.1,org.2, to

Where the numbers should be sequencially assigned, no jumping, no bribing,

* How will it be used? 
Say company.com is taken, and Mr. X wants to register company.com, Mr. X
would get company.com.2, then if Mr. Y wants to register company.com after
company.com.2 is taken, he would get company.com.3

After T months of this implementation, (where T is a number to be
decided) .com should become obsolete and replaced by .com.1
This should be applied for .net and .org as well.

Please comment.
-Ram Narula
Princess1.net Internet for Education