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[comments-gtlds] Re: http://www.world.std.com/~iipc/draft-icann-dnso-wgc-naa-01.txt

 I thought that I would add my 2 cents to this.

The main benefit and main evil of the internet is that it allows
unlimited and uncontrollable freedom of expression. This has led to
awsome sites like Jordan's First Nations pages and on the other extreme,
sites promoting the Posse Comitatus and their disgusting ilk.

There has proven to be very little that can be done to control extremely
hateful things from proliferating on the internet, much less doing
anything about twinkies and wannabes, other than exposing then on this
list and other forums and websites.

The World Wide Web is in need of more top level domains; you will know
what I mean if you have ever tried to register a .com domain.

I think that you have to take the good with the bad. If we can get a top
level domain allocated to First Nations people and organizations, that
is good. Keeping the poseurs out will be next to impossible in any case.
This has already been proven in the .com domains. There will always be

The decision as to who will be allowed a domain under the proposed
additions to the top level domain will probably be handled the same way
as always...whoever has 100.00 US$ can register a domain. Whoever is
responsible for handling the new domain name database also probably
stands to get rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Carla wrote: