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[comments-gtlds] DNS - NAA

In reviewing this document, I am a bit disturbed by
some of the language.

<excerpt 1>
Page 7, Number 8.
The stakeholders in a top-level domain to be operated
by the Indigenous Nations of North America in the DNS
root are the National Congress of American Indians and
Assembly of First Nations, the network information
centers (registry operators), the voice and data
network infrastructure providers, tribal governments
and quasi-governmental bodies, elected officials and
candidates for elected offices, non-profit
organizations, for-profit entities, individuals, bands
and clans, language and arts institutions, general
educational institutions, sectorial formations and
professional and trade associations, and trademark
<end excerpt 1>

Doesn't this leave the door wide open to the
'medicine-for-sale' groups and the wannabee groups who
have incorporated their endeavors?  The way I read the
proposal this is an open invitation for all of them.
Is there a set guideline for who is a "band or clan"?
This brings back memories of the discussion we just
had regarding the Abenaki.

<excerpt 2>
Page 10, Number 12 (continued).
WHEREAS, The NCAI endorses the preparation to meet the
requirements for the operation and management of a
top-level domain, and of the capabilities of the
Nevada Indian Environmental Coalition (NIEC) and
Treaty 7 Tribal Council (TREATY7), internet service
providers, and the National Indian Telecommunications
Institute (NITI) and Abenaki Community of Portland
(WAMPUMPEAG), centers of technical excellence.
<end excerpt 2>

What are the guidelines for registering for .naa?  Who
determines who is legit?  As an example, the Abenaki
are not recognized by any governing body in the U.S.,
yet one of the groups endorsed by NCAI, is the Abenaki
Community of Portland.  Who are they?

This is much to vague for me.  I forsee every one of
those wiccan/ new age/ shaman/ wannabee/ shouldabeen/
couldabeen/ sachem/ healer/ crystal hugger/ culture
vulture type of creatures trying to get in on the big
validation ride.  I can hear them now, "See, I got the
.naa designation, they think I'm for real....nya, nya.
 Now you HAVE to take me seriously."

Organizations such NARF and IAIA for example, and all
the indian schools and colleges should surely be part
of this.  But, who will determine what group is valid?
 Are we opening another 'Pandora's Box'??

I hope I'm wrong.

There be a fly in my soup.