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[comments-gtlds] Comments on WG-C Chicoine Paper

     On behalf of Bell Atlantic Corporation, we are pleased to endorse the 
     Position Paper created in Working Group C, submitted by Anthony Lupo, 
     Caroline Chicoine and Peter Rindforth ("Chicoine Paper").  Bell 
     Atlantic's position long prior to the inception of the ICANN process 
     was that new gTLDs should only be added in a slow and controlled 
     manner -- only after proper protections are put into place to ensure 
     the adequate protection of trademarks.  The development of a workable 
     UDRP process and protections for famous marks are two such 
     protections currently under consideration by other Working Groups.  
     After implementation of these protections, there must be a study and 
     evaluation period to ensure that such protections are working as 
     intended to curb cybersquatting and the misappropriation of 
     trademarks as domain names.  As documented in all our filings, Bell 
     Atlantic has been the victim of over 1000 cases of cybersquatting 
     last year -- both in the gTLDs and in the emerging ccTLDs.  If ICANN 
     were to allow the addition of new gTLDs without first implementing 
     such protections, it would leave trademark owners without adequate or 
     effective remedies to stem this piracy epidemic.
     For these reasons, we strongly support the Chicoine Paper.
     Bell Atlantic Corporation,
     Sarah B. Deutsch
     Vice President &
     Chief Intellectual Property Counsel