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[comments-gtlds] gTLDs step back

Dear Working Group C:
I understand that your report is due 10-15. I hope you can consider my 
comments before the report is finalized.

There is so much talk about expanding the gTLD by adding new extensions.   
Please step back and realize that the extensions .com, .org, .net were just 
a convention years ago, but they no longer apply!  When registering a 
domain, even the registrars encourage the public to buy all three to 
"protect their domain asset".  The original value of extensions has been 
lost for some time now.

There have been suggestions from high level people that maybe 300 extensions 
are needed.   Follow that logic for a moment and ask, "Why stop at 300?"

rmi.net, a national ISP, has developed, patented, and proposed a domain 
system - Simplifieddomains - that goes beyond 300 gTLDs, while remaining 
compatible with the existing .com, .net, .org system!

I will attach a web address that contains testimony that rmi.net has 
submitted to Washington.  It lays out the arguments for a new, compatible 
domain system, I encourage you to review it.

I'd like to close by summarizing what I consider to be the highlights of 
Simplifieddomains.  Thank you for your time.

Simplifieddomains summary of benefits

* compatible with the existing domain system
* specific extensions not needed because all extensions will work
* tremendous flexibility for domain buyers
* no confusion/frustration with the same word having multiple extensions
* NSI will have competition, and that is healthy
* registrars could be assigned to sell Simplifieddomains
* Cybersquatting minimized because the Simplifieddomain system is linked to 
the patents and trademarks database, and trademarked names are only 
available to their rightful owners.


Bob Stoddard

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