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RE: [registrars] I thought this was looked down on?

Actually, this is technically OK, because those nameservers do
exist and they really are the servers for that domain.  It may
not be what some of us think is in the best interests of the
DNS community, but it is compliant with the rules.  Got to hand
it to them, it's creative.


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I would think this is a clear violation of the agreements because this
WHOIS output does not list the true nameservers. Agree?

What are the sanctions for such a violation? Or will we have to wait until
the compliance liasion gets further along to find out?


At 03:18 PM 5/28/00 -0600, Len wrote:
>	This is a nice practice!
>   Domain Name: W7X.COM
>   Registrar: ALABANZA, INC.
>   Whois Server: whois.bulkregister.com
>   Referral URL: www.bulkregister.com
>   Name Server: NS1.TO-BUY-THIS-DOMAIN-FAX-305-463-9709.COM
>   Updated Date: 27-apr-2000