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[registrars] Moving the gTLD debate forward...

Fellow Registrars,

There is a NC telephone conference tomorrow (apologies for the short
notice but the agenda is still in draft form).... and it looks as if
there does not appear to be consensus among the Working Group B
participants as to the type of mechanism that should be incorporated
into the roll out of new top level domains. There is also a call from
Working Group B that after 1 year of deliberation, it would like to
conclude its work.

I am fearful that such signals could stall, and further delay,  the
introduction of new gTLDs.  To avoid such stagnation, it may be helpful
to have wording approved by the NC that gives shape but not prescription
to the introduction of new gTLDs.... along the lines .....  new gTLDs
should be added with an objective to avoid consumer confusion and add
value in the creation of new names..... etc, etc.....

The alternative could be to request Working Group B continues it's

Please give your opinions..... time is short....