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Re: [registrars] WG-B Idea - Thumbs up or Thumbs down

I'm not sure what this would accomplish.  Would a potential domain name 
registration be published for the 30 day wait period in order for a 
trademark owner to oppose?  And then what?  The UDRP kicks in?  If this is 
the case, then I would suggest no wait period...just let the trademark 
owner use the UDRP system already in place.  No company will be damaged in 
any manner by trademark infringement for the relatively short period of 
time that UDRP takes (and remember, the mere registration of a domain name 
does not constitute infringement...actually setting up a website and 
selling soda pop using "cocacola.newTLD" does...unless you're Coca 
Cola).  If this is the case, and for the other reasons already expressed, 
our vote is "thumbs down".

Best regards,


At 09:23 PM 5/2/00 , Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Sorry for my quietness of late but I have been in Colorado at the
>International Trademark Association. I have been pleasantly surprised by the
>number of ICANN registrars that have been in attendance. I almost feel like
>I am at an ICANN meeting.
>In light of the discussions last week about new ideas in additional to the
>two Sunrise Proposals (all trademarks v.s. famous trademark list) I have
>been talking to the registrars in attendance about other potential
>solutions. One of the ideas that surfaced is the following. A 30 day waiting
>period after a domain name is registered before it is activated. Therefore
>there is no need for lists or sunrise periods.
>I know this idea has been discussed in the past, however, I believe it is
>important to leave no stone unturned and consider this proposal in light of
>what is currently transpiring.
>Yea or Nay?
>P.S. For those that have advocated the creation of a famous marks list,
>based upon what I have heard in the rumor mill among the trademark types,
>the creation of such a list in the near foreseeable future (1-2 years) would
>be highly unlikely.

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