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[registrars] Re: [council] suggested draft resolution for today's NC call

Having participated in this debate for the last 5 years, I am delighted this
issue is moving forward.  May I suggest a proposal to address the concerns
raised so far to see if we can reach consensus.

"We would like to extend our deep appreciation to the participants who worked so
diligently in both working groups B and C, and want to thank them for their
significant efforts in evaluating the issues that were referred to them.

The Names Council concludes that the report of Working Group C and related
comments indicate that there exists a consensus for the introduction of new Top
Level Domains in a careful and responsible manner.

The Names Council hereby proposes to recommend to the ICANN Board that it
establish a policy for the introduction of new TLDs in a measured and
responsible manner, giving due regard in the implementation of that policy
(a) to promote the orderly registration of names;
(b) to minimise the use of any new TLD to carry out infringements of
intellectual property rights (taking into consideration WG B's report);
(c) to ensure consumer confidence in the technical operation of the new TLD and
the DNS as a whole.

To assist the Board in the task of introducing new TLDs, the Names Council
recommends the ICANN staff be instructed to invite expressions of interest from
parties seeking to operate any new TLD registry, with an indication as to how
they propose to ensure (a)-(c) above.

The Names Council would welcome the opportunity to review the criteria for
selecting new Registries once the scope of each expression of interest in a TLD
(and proposed Registry) is known. [such that a small task force made up of one
person from each Constituency, as well as a technical person from the ASO and
PSO to study these alternatives during the month of May, post the report for
public comment in June, produce a final report with recommendations before the
July meeting]."



Best regards