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Re: [registrars] WG-B Update

I'm in .... time?

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Michael D. Palage wrote:

> I have been informed by the President of the Intellectual Property
> Constituency that they will have their revised paper available for inclusion
> into my WG-B report this Friday morning. Therefore, I would like to hold a
> teleconference Friday afternoon to discuss any modifications to our position
> paper, i.e. Sunrise with a list or Sunrise without a list. After the report
> is submitted to the Names Counsel, they will have a teleconference on the
> 18th prior to submitting it to the ICANN board on the 20th.
> I would like to remind everyone that there will exist a broad comment period
> after the ICANN staff prepares its report and before the ICANN meeting in
> Japan later this summer. The purpose of the teleconference on Friday is for
> the registrar constituency to agree on the bigger picture and identify those
> issues which need to be flushed out to minimize any potential liability that
> we may face or technical implementation problems that exist.
> Mike



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