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[registrars] WG-B Update

I have been informed by the President of the Intellectual Property
Constituency that they will have their revised paper available for inclusion
into my WG-B report this Friday morning. Therefore, I would like to hold a
teleconference Friday afternoon to discuss any modifications to our position
paper, i.e. Sunrise with a list or Sunrise without a list. After the report
is submitted to the Names Counsel, they will have a teleconference on the
18th prior to submitting it to the ICANN board on the 20th.

I would like to remind everyone that there will exist a broad comment period
after the ICANN staff prepares its report and before the ICANN meeting in
Japan later this summer. The purpose of the teleconference on Friday is for
the registrar constituency to agree on the bigger picture and identify those
issues which need to be flushed out to minimize any potential liability that
we may face or technical implementation problems that exist.