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RE: [registrars] Code of Conduct

Agreed.  The points you make are good and I think there are a range of
similar points to be made.  We need to systematically identify these
deficiencies in the current system/processes and adress them - i.e.
recommend to ICANN specific changes for incorporation into the system and
associated agreements.


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At 19:26 28-03-2000 +1000, Erica Roberts wrote:
>  This creates a difficulty for  ethical
>registrars and an opportunity for the unethical.

Dear Erica: We've run into a number of domains which have for their FAX
address a statement such as "** This domain is for sale **".

I think that is a totally inappropriate thing for the registrar to
permit.  The "Whois" is not the Classified Pages in the Sunday
Times;-{  The FAX field (and all others) are for information
only.  Alphabetical characters should certainly be filtered out.

Another improper practice is to offer "Lifetime registrations".  ICANN
should certainly intercede and oppose any such business practice.  Need I
name all the reasons?

Personal regards, BobC