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RE: [registrars] Code of Conduct

Absolutely. I'm in. 

I hope the first draft helps a little because it is really just that -- a
starting point for us. I look forward to seeing how it develops.


At 08:54 AM 3/28/00 -0800, Josh Elliott wrote:
>Thanks all for getting this issue moving.
>My recommendation here is to try to keep this WG small and workable.
>Obviously, we don't want to turn anyone down if they would like to
>participate, but if we can keep it this small, we will probably be able to
>get more done in a shorter amount of time.
>Let's get the show on the road, and set up a teleconference for next week.
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>> Greetings everyone,
>> Did I hear my name called? :-)
>> In Cairo we had discussed setting up a "Best Practices" task
>> force, one of the issues to settle being the Code of Conduct.
>> I had volunteered to help organize this overall task force, but
>> of course welcome support in driving this particular aspect, the
>> Code of Conduct, forward.  Being in Tokyo makes communications
>> sometimes difficult, so having someone in North America to help
>> coordinate is a big benefit.
>> I did send out an email to the mailing list asking if anyone wanted
>> to get involved.  This was following a draft by Jeff (mentioned
>> below) which was sent to a subset of Registrars.  I don't believe
>> this has been submitted to the list yet, so if Jeff doesn't mind
>> I will forward that draft.
>> To date, I believe the following Registrars and members have
>> volunteered to participate:
>> Bob Connelly
>> Lauren Gaviser
>> Ross Wm. Rader
>> Alexander (I apologize, my font garbled your last name, is it Bauer?)
>> Erica Roberts
>> Jeff Shrewsbury (interest by drafting a first version :-))
>> Josh Elliott (by being cc'd on Jeff's mail)
>> I think this is a good group to start with.  If anyone wants to join,
>> or if I missed someone please let us know.  I think we could now
>> move on in the process as we to break down what we have to do,
>> and identify our goals and milestones.  The next steps may be
>> to  determine exactly what we are to accomplish, and perhaps
>> set some guidelines, and maybe set up a conference call
>> sometime in the near future to discuss a course of action.
>> Thoughts?
>> Regards,
>> Richard
>> "Michael D. Palage" wrote:
>> > I would welcome Richard as well as anyone elses help in
>> advancing this Code
>> > of Conduct. I have already posted to the list an agenda of
>> those items which
>> > should be included based on the feedback of various registrars. Several
>> > registrars have already volunteered the support of their legal
>> staff which
>> > should make this document bullet-proof. The reason for this
>> sense of urgency
>> > is that the TM people are beginning to raise some noise in DC that the
>> > registrars are having trouble with 3 top-level domains why
>> should we give
>> > them anymore. Therefore, we must get our house in order over the next
>> > several months and show up in Japan with a Code of Conduct IN
>> PLACE.  The
>> > only draft to date has been the one posted by Jeff Shrewsbury.
>> Therefore, we
>> > need to look at this first proposal and see whether we need to
>> modify it or
>> > start from scratch.
>> >
>> > Mike
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