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Re: [registrars] Registrar Position Paper

Ross Wm. Rader wrote:

> Speaking to other parts of the document...
> On the other side of the fence, how was the "five variations" arrived at?
> The reason I ask is that this may not be enough variations to specifically
> protect the famous mark holder...
> ie; tucows.tld, toocows.tld, twocows.tld, 2cows.tld, tocows.tld,
> tu-cows.tld and many others have caused our firm to spend considerable
> time and effort to protect internationally - precisely the type of hassle
> that I presume this provision to minimize, however limiting it to only
> five variations only mitigates a very small portion of our loss. 

My understanding of this is that it
is meant to protect famous marks only, along the
lines of "pepsi" etc. and that something
like tucows wouldn't even be included
under this. Most trademarks won't qualify as famous.

Larry Erlich

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