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Re: [registrars] Teleconference Details

At 15:52 09-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>The teleconference for registrars to discussion the potential impact of
>ICANN Working Group B is tomorrow at 8 AM EST (Washington/New York). The
>dial in number is 800-366-7242.

Dear Michael:  Some persons may not be able to access the 800 number from 

You say, "Tomorrow", it would be helpful if you specified a date.  Also if 
you specified the GMT figure.  Here are the equivalent times around the 
globe where we have Registrars Constituency members.

             0500 PST
                        0800 EST
                                1300 GMT
                                       1300 UKT
                                              1400 CET
                                                      2100 Singapore
                                                             2200 JST
For Melbourne, it's really 0000 11 February.  Not a good time for a teleconf;-}

For a complete chart of times for teleconferences, please refer to the 
following URL:


Regards, BobC