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Re: [registrars] SLA

Lauren Gaviser wrote:
> Register.com supports Option 2.  While we appreciate all the hard work
> and effort that has gone into negotiating the SLA in its current form,
> we feel that re-evaluating the agreement after 6 months is not a
> feasible option as it will be very difficult to raise the standards once
> they are already in place.  

DomainRegistry.com also supports option 2
for the reason listed above.

Larry Erlich

> Given our experience with the SRS, the
> planned outage levels and planned up-time are not sufficient for us to
> be able to conduct our business in the manner in which we would like
> to.  Waiting just a little longer to create a more favorable agreement
> for the registrars will allow us to get benchmarks for this type of
> agreement and receive comments from the larger registrar constituency as
> well
> Regards,
> Lauren
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