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Re: [registrars] Working Group C Question

"is correct" that that is what is needed, or that people think so?  And
aren't the specific ones a subset of the generic ones, in some form?


At 09:10 am 01/10/2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Hello fellow registrars.
>I have a quick question that I would like to ask the constituency in
>connection with Working Group C. One of the issues in Working Group C is
>what type of top-level domains to add: generic (.web, .firm, .biz, .info,
>etc.) or charter/content specific top-level domains (.travel, .medical,
>.law, etc.). The charter/content specific top-level domains would have
>prerequisite criteria before registering in that gTLD. The people that I
>have spoken with seem to believe that both types of top-level domains are
>needed, and that both must be included in any type of test-bed period. Is

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