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Re: [registrars] Important Update

I would like to volunteer for the membership Task Force. Moreover, Mike, I
would be willing to ultimately relieve you of leading in that effort with a
period of transition. You have given so much of yourself, and I think it's
time others in our group step up and take some responsibility.

Besides, it would be a wonderful way to demonstrate the efficacy of my
"Southern folksy charm" which some of you mistook for "redneck aggression"
out in LA. :-)

Wishing all a Good New Year...


Matthew J. Cockman (mcockman@aitcom.net)
General Counsel & Chief of Administration
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (www.aitcom.net)
Parent Company of The N@meIT Corp. (www.nameit.net)

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From: Michael D. Palage <mpalage@ipwarehouse.com>
To: <registrars@dnso.org>
Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 9:14 AM
Subject: [registrars] Important Update


> Membership Task Force: After the initial 50 ICANN accredit registrars were
> approved I single handedly contacted each of the registrars and encouraged
> them to join the constituency. At that time, there was approximately a 70%
> participation rate, as opposed to the current 40% participation rate. I
> propose that a task force be established with the goal of having every
> accredited registrar being part of the constituency. Since I have
> all the records to date, I will volunteer to head this task force.
> I would like at least one volunteer from each ICANN geographic region to
> assist in this membership drive.
> <SNIP>
> Mike