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[registrars] All's fine in my portable.

Dear Colleagues:

While I'm physically in Henderson, Nevada, USA, my NEC Versa 6030H, which 
has been traveling with me for 3.5 years, is just fine.

I dropped to dos and entered "date", received "01-01-2000".

News from friends in Tokyo -- oh, let me paste it in here.  It's from Ken 
Joseph, Jr., who runs a crisis hot line in Japan:

Praise the Lord, we just passed midnight and no problems - was at the CNN
shoot in Zozoji and all is fine. We have 10 emergency lines open,
electricity. telephone and all seems to be working fine!

Praise the Lord!

The word for the new year - Joshua 21:45 and Joshua 23:14 - Not one of the
promises of the Lord will fail to pass!!!

end quote:

I'm going in to look up the references right now.

Reads, BobC from Henderson, NV.