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[registrars] SLA Task Force Extension

The 45 day period agreed upon in LA for adopting a mutually acceptable SLA
has been extended to January 14th to account for the holiday crunch which
has impeded the task force's mission. If one of the SLA Task Force members
could post to the list the latest version of the SLA ,it would be greatly
appreciated. The more input the better. I hope everyone is enjoying the
holiday season.

Michael D. Palage
Registrar Secretariat

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From:	Louis Touton [mailto:touton@icann.org]
Sent:	Wednesday, December 22, 1999 11:10 AM
To:	Graves, David; 'mpalage@ipwarehouse.com'
Cc:	Zimmerman, Adam; Gomes, Chuck
Subject:	Re: FW: SLA Task Force Extension

Dave and Mike,

ICANN has no objection to the extension of the 45-period for the SLA Working
Group as proposed in Mike Palage's e-mail.  As you note, Section 18 of the
Registry Agreement provides:  "The 45-day period shall be subject to
extension by mutual agreement of the members of the SLA Working Group."
Mike, please confirm that the extension proposed in your e-mail has the
support of the registrar members of the working group.
Mike, assuming it has this support, it might be a good idea for you to put
an announcement of the new schedule out to the registrar constituency list.
"Graves, David" wrote:
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> From:	Zimmerman, Adam
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 21, 1999 5:57 PM
> To:	Graves, David
> Subject:	FW: SLA Task Force Extension
> Importance: High
> Louis,
> On behalf of Network Solutions' Registry, we concur with Michael Palage's
> recommendation to extend the SLA deadline and his suggested timeline.  We
> support his request for ICANN's concurrence.
> Because the Registry Agreement provides for an extension by mutual
> of the Registrars, I don't believe an amendment to the Agreement is
> necessary.  I would appreciate, however, at least an email documenting
> concurrence so I have something for the file.
> I wish you, your family, and the members of the ICANN staff a most joyous
> holiday season.
> Dave
> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Michael D. Palage [mailto:mpalage@ipwarehouse.com]
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 21, 1999 5:08 PM
> To:	Louis Touton
> Cc:	Jason Hendeles; Adam Zimmerman; Beckwith, Bruce; darivera@aol.com;
> guye.engel@melbourneit.com.au; jfield@namesecure.com; wessorh@ar.com
> Subject:	SLA Task Force Extension
> Importance: High
> I spoke with Adam Zimmerman today regarding the looming 45 day deadline
> the SLA. I proposed to Adam that we extend the deadline, so that this SLA
> which we fought so hard for in LA is done properly. The holiday season has
> significantly hindered the task force process.  I suggest adopting the
> following time line, NSI (the registry) and the SLA task force will have a
> final proposal ready by January 14th.  This proposal will then be
> to the entire registrar community for any final feedback. If there are no
> major objections the SLA will be adopted on January 21st.
> If you have any questions or comments please let me know via e-mail or
> +1(561) 741-7880.
> Best regards,
> Michael D. Palage
> Registrar Secretariat