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RE: [registrars] DNSO fees and constituency dues (fwd)

At 22:41 15-12-1999 -0500, Richard D. Forman wrote:
>I think that your proposal of a budget is clearly an excellent first step.
>I would like to encourage everyone involved with this process that the
>sooner we come together, the sooner we can advance the market and this
>industry.  We all saw that by working together (as we did in LA) we were
>able to achieve much more together than we were able to alone.

Dear Richard and Ken:

I was interested to hear what Ken said on the subject on the teleconf last 
night (for me it was night, at least.)

Can we say that about one-third of the accredited registrars are members of 
the Constituency?  That *does* create a problem, inflates the costs to the 
"cooperators" and lets the freeloaders have a flea ride (Oops, Japanese again.)

Regards, BobC