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RE: [registrars] DNSO fees and constituency dues

I believe that we discussed this with Becky and we should modify the ICANN
Accreditation Agreement so that registrars are required to provide a minimum
level of funding to the DNSO.  We would be completely in support of that

Richard D. Forman
President & CEO
Register.com, Inc.

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> Subject: [registrars] DNSO fees and constituency dues
> Fellow Registrars,
> This issue came up in Los Angeles, but we haven't addressed it
> yet fully.  As many of you know, each constituency was asked
> to commit $5,000 for webcasting and connectivity costs for the
> DNSO to date.  We did not address exactly how to come up with
> these funds yet though.
> I would like to propose that the Registrar Constituency set up
> membership fees in order to fund required DNSO costs, and to
> facilitate meetings in the future (i.e. arrange for teleconference
> connectivity, pay for the constituency teleconferences etc.)  How
> would the members feel about annual dues of $500 to $1000?
> I realize there has been some debate regarding registrars paying
> the lions share of the ICANN budget, and being required to support
> the DNSO budget as well, but the DNSO budget is considered
> separate of the ICANN budget.
> Anyway, I can speak for my company that we would not have
> any problems with annual dues (as most organizations do) but
> how does the rest of the membership feel about this?
> Best regards,
> Richard
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