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[registrars] Redirecting of Port 43 WHOIS

> In reference to the November 16th NSI Registry announcement and the signed
> agreements between the U.S. Department of Commerce, ICANN, and NSI,
> effective December 1, 1999, Network Solutions will be redirecting port 43
> (rs.internic.net) WHOIS from the NSI Registrar WHOIS to the NSI Registry
> WHOIS.  The new NSI Registrar WHOIS on port 43 will now be found at
> whois.networksolutions.com.  The NSI Registrar WHOIS will continue to
> function as it does currently.  
> If you have any questions regarding this notice, please feel free to
> contact Customer Service at (703) 742-4777 Monday through Friday, from 7am
> to 7pm Eastern Time, or e-mail us at help@networksolutions.com.  If you
> are a business program member, please contact your Premier Services or
> Partner Relations representative.
> Bruce Beckwith
> Network Solutions (Registrar)
> bbeckwith@netsol.com