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[registrars] [Fwd: [registrar] Redirection of InterNIC.net port 43 Whois]

FYI, forwarded form the ICANN accredited registrr list. As this list
and all other dnso.org lists seem to have faced some problems during
the last hours, I am reposting this, just in case.



     Under the ICANN-DOC-NSI agreements approved in Los Angeles,
beginning December 1, 1999, port 43 Whois queries to rs.internic.net will
return NSI-registry data, rather than the NSI-registrar data that is
currently returned.
Those of you with systems relying on port 43 Whois queries to
may wish to make adjustments to your systems.  The NSI announcement

> Redirecting Port 43 Whois
> The following change is being made to comply with the recently
> negotiated and signed agreements between the U.S. Department of
> Commerce, ICANN, and NSI.
> Effective December 1, 1999 Network Solutions will be redirecting
> port 43 (rs.internic.net) Whois from the NSI Registrar Whois to
> the NSI Registry Whois.   The NSI Registry Whois can currently be
> found at whois.nsiregistry.net.  After this occurs, port 43 Whois
> will show the following information: domain name, registrar, Whois
> server, registrar referral URL and the names of the name servers
> associated with the domain.  To obtain registrant and domain name
> contact information, users will need to refer to the Whois service
> provided by the registrar for the domain name.
> Send questions or comments to whois@nsiregistry.net.

Louis Touton
ICANN Vice President