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[registrars] Re: ICANN/wg-b/Position Paper

At 16:05 19-11-1999 +0900, Hikoh Okuda wrote:
>By extention, if a registrar refused to register any
>name that contains famous trademarks in it, the potential registrant would be
>unable to prevail in litigation against the registrar.
>We believe that this court case would favorably affect to implement preemptive

Dear Mr. Okuda:

I was surprised this week to go to a plumbing supply store in the city of 
Orange, CA, (specializing in irrigation for lawns and gardens, drip 
irrigation, etc.) and say a sign saying "We reserve the right to refuse 
service to anyone".  It's been years since I've seen such, I thought it was 
fraught with so much risk that no one would make such a public statement.

The 7Names case is certainly a move in the right direction.  So are some of 
the conditions of the U.S. Senate proposal.

Personal regards,

P.S. I'm posting this Email to the Registrar Consistency mailing list.