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[registrars] SLA Task Force

Listed below are the people that will comprise the SLA Task Force and a
brief mission statement/ timeline

Before anything is adopted, the draft of the SLA will be circulated to all
ICANN accredited registrars for their comment on both the underlying
technical specifications and the actual legal implementation language.
According to the agreement in LA the SLA should be agreed upon within 45
days of the signing of the contract.

Jeff Fields (jfield@namesecure.com) from NameSecure
Guye Engel (guye.engel@melbourneit.com.au) from Melbourne IT
David Riveria (DARivera@aol.com) from AOL
Bruce Beckwith (bbeckwith@netsol.com) from NSI
Rick Wesson (wessorh@ar.com) representing PSI-Japan, although Rick has done
work for CORE, NameSecure, and DomainBank