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[registrars] Re: [announce] Number of participants in different dnso.org maillinglists

At 13:50 09-11-1999 +0100, DNSO Listadmin wrote:
>Number of participants in different dnso.org mailling lists.
>As of today, Tue Nov 9 13:47:38 MET 1999:

Dear List Administrator:

Interesting statistics.  What is the specific point of your posting?

At one point, I signed up for ga but was deluged by so much trivia that I 
unsubscribed promptly.  It is a worthless list.  I opted for announce only.


Advice to Chairpersons:
If a consensus nibbles...
*Set the hook!!!*

You may be consigned to telling your grandchildren about
    the big one that got away:-(