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RE: [registrars] Several Items - reply re: Verisign whois lookups


On the first issue, with Verisign, we've been working with them to let them
know the state of the domain registration business, and how they have to
check with the registry first, and then the appropriate registrar.  Perhaps
we're working with different folks at Verisign - hence my suggestion below.

Is this a good opportunity for the Registrar Constituency to put together a
brief description for CA's and anyone else (Internet users at large) on how
to get information from WHOIS?  Is this something that could be posted both
on the dnso.org and icann.org sites as informational and authoritative since
it would come from the Registrar Constituency group?

Your thoughts?



P.S.  I appreciate the opportunity to meet many of you that were also in
L.A.  I expect that we will be able to forge a very productive relationship
over time - particularly since we will have the same business issues going
forward now with the Registrar Constituency group.  The key will be to keep
our differences at the professional and issue level, and I have felt
comfortable that this has been the case to date - thanks!

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	It was good to see many of you in L.A.  I believe we made some
on many issues.

	There are two items I'd like to bring to everyones attention.


	Because of the current mess of the whois system. Customers trying 
to get Secure Certificates from Verisign or other CA's, Including your
may have trouble if the CA can't get their domain info from the whois!  

	I've placed a call to Verisign trying to get them to change their
searches to begin at the Registry.  If anyone else has crossed this bridge
please let me know.  This will effect every Registrar who will be coming
on line. 


		All North American Registrars need a RSA license for the
SSL layer to use SSL.  Many of us have been working with Cindy Boyer on 
a group rate.  Cindy has informed me that RSA will extend until December
23 a group rate of 6k for a RSA license.  Below you'll fine the email
she sent to me.  If you're in N.A.  you need this.  Elsewhere in the
world the patent does not apply. You are NOT required to get the maintenance

Take Care


> If you want to post on the site you did previously,  pricing that I was
> to get approved to last until December 23, 1999, feel free to let the
> registrars know about this.  The pricing is $6,000 for a license to
> communicate with NSI for 5 clients (PCs) and 5 processors without
> maintenance and support.  After December 23, the pricing goes back up to
> $15,000 starter kit pricing.  Standard maintenance and support can be
> purchased for $6,000, which is an annual fee.
> The Secretary of the Domain Registrars, Barry Fellman, told me there could
> be as many as 70 registrars needing to get into this program.  That is why
> fought to keep the pricing low, but I don't know how to reach them all to
> let them know of this temporary deal.  Anyway, just thought I'd pass along
> this information.
> Take care,
> Cindy Boyer Knott, Account Manager
> RSA Security, Inc. - http://www.rsasecurity.com
> 2955 Campus Drive, Suite 400 - San Mateo, CA 94403-2507
> Direct Phone: 650-295-7600 X670 
> Department Fax: 650-295-7700 or 7711
> The last day of business for the Millenium will be Thursday, December 23,
> 1999.  Thank you and happy holidays!