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[registrars] FW: BOUNCE registrars@dnso.org: Non-member submission from [Michael Sondow <msondow@iciiu.org>]

I am posting this respond from Michael Sondow, it was posted in reply to
Peter's defense of Amadeu, but was bounced because he is not authorized to
post to our list. I am not re-posting it because I agree with it, but
because I think it is important for all the new registrars that are becoming
involved with the ICANN process to understand that there are many people out
there that march to the beat of their own drum and why it is important to
raise your voice and make it heard individually and through the

P.S. Any further suggestions for the agenda in LA?

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Peter Gerrand wrote:
> I do not know you, but by your remarks below you have defamed the
> of Amadeu Abril i Abril, whom I and many others in the DNSO hold in the
> highest esteem for his integrity and commitment, without fear or favour,
> to ICANN and to the development of the Domain Names System for the benefit
> of  current and future registrars and users, commercial and
> worldwide.
> An apology on your part is called for.

Don't be ridiculous. He's a nice guy, sure. I like Amadeu myself.
Personally. But he's a founder and leader of CORE, and one of the
conspirators who created ICANN and has captured its infrastructure, all for
the purpose of forwarding his special interest group. I have nothing to
apologize for. On the contrary, it is Amadeu Abril i Abril and his fellow
conspirators in CORE, ISOC, and the INTA who owe an apology to the Internet
community for what they have done.

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