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[registrars] Agenda for LA Meeting

I need to draft an agenda for the registrar constituency meeting to be held
on Monday Nov. 1 from 3 to 6 PM in LA. The following are a list of
preliminary items that I believe should be discussed, I welcome any

* I have spoken with Chuck Gomes from NSI and he will be attending with
another registry representative to discuss SRS performance issues;
* While we have the NSI people in attendance I believe it would also be
beneficial to re-open the discussion initiated by Len Bayles in Santiago
with regards to a decentralized Whois database based on an agreed upon set
of standards
* Final item for the Registry attendees - XFER procedures now and in the
* There was Amadeu's motion in Santiago concerns warehousing of domain names
by Registrars
* We need to have an update on the revised UDP and the work of the drafting
* Whether registrars will be able to select who their dispute providers will
be or will ICANN handle this selection/accreditation
* Status of  the currently pending legislation on the hill regarding
cybersquatting and the safe harbor provision for registrars
* Funding of the constituency, the Names Counsel has passed a resolution
saying we have to contribute to the funding of the names counsel activities.
* Summary of the Contracts. Note: Several registrars have suggested holding
a pre-meeting just to discuss the contracts themselves. Independent of this
pre-meeting the contracts will need to be discussed.

Any other questions for the NSI registry attendees please provide them in a
list so that I can coordinate with them so that they are prepared to answer
our questions.