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[registrars] Congratulations.

Dear Louis:

Congratulations?  I'm not sure how you can do it, but it is *we* who should 
be congratulated;-)

I think *Thanks* is more the word.

Will you be getting a new Email address?

Personal regards,
Executive Committee, Internet Council of Domain Name Registrars (CORE)
Ken Stubbs, Chair (USA)                     <kstubbs@dninet.net>
Jonathan Robinson, Deputy-Chair (UK) <jonathan@gate.netbenefit.co.uk>
Francois-luc Collignon (Monaco)          <collignon@netbay.net>
Robert F. Connelly (Japan)                <rconnell@psi-japan.com>
Rosa Delgado (Switzerland)		<Rosa.Delgado@sita.int>
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