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[registrars] Convenient (and inconvenient) times for Teleconferences.

Dear Colleagues:

I've updated my list of hours for teleconferences.  You may find it at the 
following URL:


Don't worry, we won't sell you anything on this site -- unless you want to 
by something like the Official Journal of the European Union;-)

I think you'll see that there are only two hours between April and October 
where you can have a teleconference including Pacific, Eastern, UK, Western 
Europe, Japan and Melbourne -- with most of the participants moderately 
awake.  Add Singapore and there is no suitable hour.  Those hours are 13:30 
and 21:30 GMT.

 From November through April, there is only one time that works, 21:30 GMT.

We've given a lot of thought to scheduling teleconferences.  At first, folk 
wanted to shift 8 hours each time, but you'll see that would be very, very 
tough on *someone* almost every time.

I suggest that you print out a copy and stick it up by your work station.

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