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Re: [registrars] Conference Call 9:00 AM (PDT) on Wednesday, Oct. 20th

At 19:27 18-10-1999 -0700, Jeff Field wrote:
>So far, NameSecure.com and Register.com have offered formal comments
>letters to ICANN and the DoC.  Now is the time to discuss these issues
>collectively.  I welcome your participation on the call.

Dear Jeff:

Thank you for setting up this CC.  PSI-Japan shall participate.

There's bad news and there's good news.

First the bad news:  09:00 PDT is 01:00 JST the following day:-(

Now the good news:  I left Japan on Sunday, I'm now in Tustin, California;-)

OTOH, it's 02:00 the following day for our colleagues in Melbourne.

For future teleconferences, you might look at the following time schedule:


With much of the Northern Hemisphere going from Daylight Saving Time to 
Daylight Losing Time around 24 October, these relationships will change 
shortly.  Perhaps I'll find time to update this chart for Southern 
Hemisphere Summer.

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