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Re: [registrars] FW: email to list

There will be much more to discuss on all this, but many people are
concerned about turning ICANN into a regulatory overseer.  

Esther Dyson

At 01:10 pm 10/14/1999 -0400, Richard Forman wrote:
>I want to echo your concerns about the new contracts that have been
>endorsed by DoC and NSI and tentatively agreed to by ICANN's interim
>board of directors.  I think it is critical that we act now to get our
>voices heard, and to try to amend the contracts in more equitable ways.
>I've spoken to a number of other registrars and, while everyone has
>their own individual issues, there are several concerns that have been
>voiced by most.  Some of these key issues are:
>- Ability of NSI to use the proceeds from the sale of the registry to
>fund the registrar's activities (est. at over $1 billion)
>- Abuse of NSI monopoly position in marketplace (e.g., NSI will be able
>to give more favorable credit terms to its resellers than other
>registrars can for at least four months after the signing of the
>- Lack of service level or performance commitments by the NSI registry
>- Ability of the NSI registrar to enter into exclusive contracts --
>Amendment 11 prevented this for a period of 18 months from Phase 1
>deployment of  the SRS
>We only have two weeks until the board meeting in Los Angeles to get our
>concerns aired.  Several other registrars (along with ourselves)
>have drafted a letter to ICANN outlining these
>concerns, and this letter will be posted to the list shortly.  We
`>encourage all registrars to lend their support and sign this letter.
>Please let me know if you have any additional comments.  I am happy to
>discuss this with you, and anyone else, further.
>Richard Forman
>President & CEO
>register.com, inc.

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