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[registrars] FW: email to list


I want to echo your concerns about the new contracts that have been
endorsed by DoC and NSI and tentatively agreed to by ICANN's interim
board of directors.  I think it is critical that we act now to get our
voices heard, and to try to amend the contracts in more equitable ways.

I've spoken to a number of other registrars and, while everyone has
their own individual issues, there are several concerns that have been
voiced by most.  Some of these key issues are:

- Ability of NSI to use the proceeds from the sale of the registry to
fund the registrar's activities (est. at over $1 billion)
- Abuse of NSI monopoly position in marketplace (e.g., NSI will be able
to give more favorable credit terms to its resellers than other
registrars can for at least four months after the signing of the
- Lack of service level or performance commitments by the NSI registry
- Ability of the NSI registrar to enter into exclusive contracts --
Amendment 11 prevented this for a period of 18 months from Phase 1
deployment of  the SRS

We only have two weeks until the board meeting in Los Angeles to get our
concerns aired.  Several other registrars (along with ourselves)
have drafted a letter to ICANN outlining these
concerns, and this letter will be posted to the list shortly.  We
encourage all registrars to lend their support and sign this letter.

Please let me know if you have any additional comments.  I am happy to
discuss this with you, and anyone else, further.

Richard Forman
President & CEO
register.com, inc.