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[registrars] Formulation of Agenda for LA meeting

The LA meeting is fast approaching. I need to start to formalize an agenda
for discussion. One of the most important topics will be funding of the
constituency. It has been brought to my attention that the Names Counsel on
October 5th 1999 approved a temp budget that requires each constituency
organization (not member) to pay $5,000 within 30 days from the LA meeting.
(see below).

Let me be the first to say that I am not exactly thrilled about paying
additional money to fund the names counsel's activities. We as registrars
are the only ones currently paying any fees to ICANN (application fee and
annual renewal) plus it appears that we will be carrying the brunt of the
ICANN funding when any fee structures are accessed. However, getting that
burdened off my chest, I think that it is necessary for us to contribute
something. We cannot function on a non-existent budget. Although Amadeu, Ken
and Richard have offered their time for free, there are certain fixed costs
such as webcast, telephone conferences, conference rooms, etc. that must be
paid. Also I think it is important that as registrars we stay active in the
ICANN process because otherwise no one is pushing for new gTLDs outside of
our constituency.

I have no immediate solutions for this rather pressing problem, I leave it
up to the members in the constituency to formulate a response.



Resolved that the constituencies meetings on Monday will not be webcast, but
only recorded. Different considerations:
cost ($US 8000), time (afternoon in LA is in the middle of night in Europe),
practicability (it is almost impossible to have a conference call with large

The NC is obligated by law to webcast, but have no money. There is a reality
shock, the DNSO and its institutions
are likely to be expensive. Impossible to have international organization,
teleconferences, secretariat working 15
hours/day, notes, and support without appropriate budget. The raw estimation
is $US 300,000. Furthermore also
constituencies need to estimate their budget. Some constituencies would like
to share facilities with the DNSO central
secretariat, some consider needing full time dedicated secretariat.

The NC resolved on September 30th to collect $US 35,000 within 30 days after
the LA meetings (7
constituencies, $US 5000 each).

Action: ICANN is not aware about relations with the DNSO Names Council. Two
issues need to be discussed:
fundings as well as decisions on arrangements.

The NC has an obligation to webcast, it is a fact not an alternative, and
therefore the necessity to commit
$US 8000.