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[registrars] Questions for the teleconference

Questions for Friday's teleconferece:

1) Do the additions and changes to the agreements mean that registrars will
be required to sign new agreements, and if so, will that stop the process
until those are signed?

2) If the ICANN registrar agreement is extended to five years, will that
mean registrars will have to pay only once every five years as opposed to
once a year?

3) Beginning Jan. 15, 2000, will registrars be able to offer registrations
in one-year increments? And does the 10-year limit mean you can register a
domain name from 1 to 10 years only?

4) Are registrars required to pay the $10,000 fee or only a portion of it
based on the amount of WHOIS data harvested from the database?

Jeff Shrewsbury
Info Avenue