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Re: [registrars] ICANN Budget

i would have to disagree with your comments below richard...

by definition any  budget is nothing but a quantified "business plan". it is
essential that we review the ICANN business plan and its related budget to
determine where the burden for financial support should be borne.

this review of ICANN'S anticipated administrative and operational cost
projections should give us a good insight as to which areas the majority of
efforts and resources will have to be applied. those are the areas where the
majority of the burden for financial support need to be placed if at all

a review of legal and professional budget projections would also indicate in
which areas  potential exposure and the related expenses are anticipated.

my past experience as a CPA indicates that a  review process like this  is
essential in order to properly formulate a fair and equitable mechanism for
funding and organization like this.

ken stubbs

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> I am sure that over time more details will come.  Let's not let those
> details get in the way of determining how we will fund ICANN.  Whether it
> $500,000 of $5 milllion, the TFF still needs to come up with a funding
> basis.  Exploring and analyzing the details of the budget can (and should)
> be done later.