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Re: [registrars] ICANN Funding

Richard Forman wrote:
> Many of you have asked questions about the $1.00 per name ICANN fee that was
> originally proposed and subsequently withdrawn by ICANN.  Prior to July 1999
> there was broad consensus on some type of proportional fee.  However, the
> TFF is interested in exploring sustainable and fair alternatives to the
> $1.00 fee.  I have provided a link to Esther Dyson's letter to
> Representative Bliley and also cut and pasted the section from her letter
> regarding the fee.

Sure, *but please conver to the TFF that many registrars have also
expressed storng support to that system, at least as an interim
measure. And Per-Anders will provide very easily the list of all those
that agreed to keep making such contriubtion, even in a voluntary
basis (among them Nominalia).