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Re: [registrars] Examples of tiering

At 18:16 25-09-1999 -0400, Richard Forman wrote:

>Volume of registrations per quarter (3 months)          Fee paid to ICANN
>0 to X registrations                                            $A (fixed, 
>not variable)
>X-1 to Y registrations                                          $B (fixed, 
>not variable)
>above Y registrations                                           $C (fixed, 
>not variable)

Dear Richard:

It's 07:20 JST, Sunday morning.  Assuming you're on the East Coast, you're 
doing a lot of thinking for a Saturday evening;-)

Each time I answer a piece of mail, here's another from you.  I'm glad 
someone is thinking about this important funding matter.

Would you think A<B<C or A>B>C?  How about:

We had a similar set of questions in CORE early on.  The question was:

100% Fixed monthly fee
50% fixed monthly fee+50% charge per registration
100% charge per registration

The arguments were (from one extreme to the other) 1. "you can buy a 
million minutes of 800 time" for a small fee per minute 2. we need to 
preserve regional diversity and the smaller registrars in countries with 
less developed Internet usage.

The result was overwhelmingly in favor of a charge per registration, no 
fixed monthly fee.  I think only three members voted for 100% funding by 
fixed monthly fee.

Regards, BobC

"One test is worth three expert opinions!"
Ulric B. Bray