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RE: [registrars] ICANN Task Force on Funding Update


I agree with you completely.  However, the TFF felt that at this point, they
were interested in finding an alternative to the $1.00 fee. That does not
mean that a proportional fee cannot be implemented further down the road.

Richard Forman

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> richard & all...
> i feel amadeu's perspective is quite rational and most reasonable here.
> i also feel we have to develop a practical "proportional" approach to
> funding.
> richard...as you know, i also spent a "significant" amount of time on the
> hill and my feeling was that the bulk of the members of congress who
> expressed any "concern" over this $1 issue were those who had
> been swayed by
> arguments put forth by the advocates for the NSI perspective.
> the principle concern i saw was more closely related to ICANN'S "unelected
> board" issue which is currently being remedied.
> best wijshes
> ken stubbs
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>  While the $1.00 fee seemed to make a lot of sense when it was first
> proposed, it has become a lightning rod for politicians and critics of
> ICANN.  There seems to be strong consensus within ICANN that the $1.00 fee
> is no longer desirable.  Also, from my time on Capitol Hill,
> congressmen and
> senators will have a field day if the "per domain name" charge comes back
> again.
>  Richard Forman
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