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[registrars] Drafts

Attached are clean and redlined versions of the current drafts of both the Policy and the Rules.  Louis Touton advised that the redlines compare the latest drafts to those worked on by the registrars.  

Here is the information for the conference call tomorrow - - it is scheduled from 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM [EST] on September 24, 1999.  Persons calling in from areas in the United States should dial 1-800-491-3988.  Those calling in from areas outside of the United States should dial 303-267-1001.  All persons should give the ID number 600480.  

I look forward to speaking with everyone at 9:30 tomorrow.  I suggest that our discussion focus on the impact that these new drafts may have on a registrar's ability to conduct his or her business.  The non-commercial and IP constituencies are meeting separately to determine how the drafts will affect their interests.

Please also note that this WILL NOT be anyone's last opportunity to comment on these documents.  I understand that ICANN's current plan is to allow the constituencies to comment, then to convene a meeting of the drafting committee to go over the various constituency comments, and thereafter post the drafts for a public comment period sometime early next week.  Accordingly, everyone will have the opportunity to comment again should they desire to, during that public comment period.

Thank you for your patience and help during this process.  Best regards.

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