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Re: [registrars] Is it a promotion or a spam. I sure don't know.

BobC, et al:

This is definitely spam, but it's hardly news. We all knew this was coming,
and, in fact, we all will probably adopt similar policies in one form or
another. It's really the best way to eliminate cybersquatting, if you think
about it.

The issue here, I believe, is that NSI is reaching out with this spam to
all those who have registered domain names in the past because it has the
ability to while the rest of us don't.

I would classify that as taking unfair advantage of its position AGAIN. Are
all registrars going to have a chance to send broadcast email to every
domain owner on the planet when we get hooked up to the database sometime
this century? I would doubt it.

This is yet another example of NSI's wanton abuse of the power granted it
as a government contractor, and more evidence of the need to get registrars
up and running as soon as possible.

Thoughts, anyone?

Jeff Shrewsbury
Info Avenue Internet Services

At 06:02 PM 9/16/99 +0900, Robert F Connelly wrote:
>Dear Colleagues:
>I don't know if it's a spam but it looks like good news.  If I read it 
>correctly, it says NSI will no longer grant credit to Registrants.
>Your analysis?
>Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 21:00:29 -0400
>Subject: Important information about your domain name account
>X-UIDL: 937469754.002
>Dear William Connelly,
>As a customer of Network Solutions or one of our Premier Program members, 
>we'd like to update you on three important items:
>1. On September 18, 1999, Network Solutions plans to move to a new 
>Web-based prepayment process for registering domain names.  At that point, 
>we will no longer accept NEW registrations without payment in full at time 
>of registration.  This new online payment method gives customers the 
>convenience of payment by credit card. THIS CHANGE DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR 
>If you register ten or more domain names per month, you could be eligible 
>for Network Solutions' Affiliates or Business Account Programs. Under these 
>programs, you may qualify to continue receiving invoices for domain name 
>registrations.  To be eligible, you must apply at 
>http://www.netsol.com/affiliates or http://www.netsol.com/business_account.
>2. Because you registered your domain name with us, your company has 
>received a FREE listing in the NEW dot com directory.  We believe the dot 
>com directory gives you a unique competitive advantage, enabling potential 
>customers to find and do business with you.  Search the directory for your 
>own business to see how easy it is!  Go to http://www.netsol.com/directory 
>to find your business.  You can also click on "Update Your Listing" to 
>search for and verify your company information.
>3. Lastly, we are pleased to offer you a FREE e-mail account using our new 
>dot com now mail service. Because it's Web-based, you can use it in the 
>office, at home or on the road. You'll need the following information to 
>set up your account:
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