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[registrars] Re: Misleading Press release.


I am not in the press section, I will have to look into your
question.  I would like to ask though why you have chosen to copy
your first inquiry to so many mailing lists that as far as I
believe should not have to be bothered by this?
I would understand if I am generally recalcitrant when responding
to questions, but as far as I know I am pretty responsive - or
at least I try to be.

Let me ask our PR guys, I will drop you a line - off the lists.


PS - by the way, you are referring to a Japanese press release
correct?  We have not had any English language releases as far
as I know, and your translation sounds a little awkward.  Are you
sure your translation is accurate?

"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:

> Dear Richard:
> Your press release has been translated to me as follows:
> "InterQ who has been approved as first commercial domain registrar in Asia
> in Japan started commercial domain register service at
> [Discount-Domain.com] with lowest price in the world."
> [Summary]
> "InterQ KK was approved as only one commercial domain registrar in Asia and
> in Japan by ICANN on April 21".
> I'm not sure what you intended to say, but certainly Melbourne IT was
> approved as a testbed registrar well before your approval.  Nor can InterQ
> claim it "was approved as only one commercial domain registrar in Asia and
> in Japan by ICANN".
> Several other firms in Asia have been approved by ICANN.
> Just what is you are trying to say, I am willing to believe that your staff
> or Ad agency misquoted you?  That is, if you say so and publish a correction.
> Regards,
> BobC
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