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[registrars] SSL Toolkit


	We are in the process of selecting a SSL toolkit.  Because we are
in the US we fall in to the "lucky group" that has to work out a license
agreement with RSA.  This is very expensive from what I've just found
out by talking with RSA.  (Min 15k)  That's on top of the software
price of $2,500 or more. In 13 months this will no longer be an issue 
because the RSA patent will expire give all Registrars the same option 
of unlicensed use.  But in the mean time I believe it is a burden on 
small Registrars in the US.  

	I would ask this:

		Is there another method, acceptable to NSI, that would
		provide the same level of security?

		Could this other method be available until Sept 22,2000?

		Are there issues that I am over looking?

	If there is no alternative, is there a possibility of a group effort
on a single code base, for the SSL, that would qualify for a single license 
+ royalties?  Since this does not go into the RRP code the NSI NDA should not
be a problem. (Dave tell me if I'm wrong.)

	It's not my intention to cheat RSA out of their just rewards.  I would
hope there is a less costly way to go about this whole process.  I think 15k
+ 2.5k for a toolkit, that we still have to develop into an interface, is
a burden.

	I hope this is a burden we can avoid.


Len Bayles
Project Manager All West Registry
All West Communications